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     SOME PEOPLE don't know that the PICTURES for each GUITAR
         are inside that little guitar  to the 
             left of each listing, so just click it!

    *Gibson H-4 Mandola #65251, 1921, reddish burst, non-adjustable truss
       rod, double flower pot, all original, straight neck, very good 
       original frets, some heavy checking on back of peghead, subtle 
       scroll repair, all original parts, vgc+...$7500

    *GIBSON H-1 Mandola, 1929, Black top, adjustable truss rod, 
       "The Gibson" in pearl script straight across logo, this Mandola is
        in exquisite condition and sounds great too, with original hard case

     lgb         ****  UPDATED Wednesday November 30th, 2023 ***

 *RICKENBACKER 381, JOHN KAY Model, 1998, Jetglo Black, arched top,
      slash ƒ hole, checkerboard binding, 2 pickups, exc, ohsc..hold

 *FENDER Stratocaster, 1964, Fiesta Red, still owned by the same 
       person who bought it used in 1968, a couple of re-soldered
       joints and a partial re-fret,  some very small touch-ups here 
       and there but it's all original otherwise and a great guitar,
       clay dots on the Brazilian board, green guard and transition
       logo, original brown case, exc-........$52,500

 *FENDER Custom Shop '56 Heavy Relic Telecaster, 2013, why they 
      called this a '56 is weird- it has a slab rosewood board,
      Shoreline gold over green finish, 7.48 lbs, fairly large
      '50s C neck shape, exc, certificate, tweed case...$2850

 *KUBICKI Strat, 1982 with Phil Kubicki Koa neck dated 1984, 
       Sunburst Fender  Ash body with 3 Duncan Strat pickups, 
       shielded cavities, exc, hsc...$2495

 *GIBSON SG, 2012, Silverburst, 2 minihumbuckers, small block
         fingerboard inlays, matte finish, gb, exc..$695

    *EPIPHONE Les Paul Special, autumn burst, 2 humbuckers, 2022, exc..$125

  *MARTIN 00-21, 1934, oversized bridge, new very nice Maple
      bridge plate, original pickguard, original tuners, Brazilian Rosewood
      back and sides, original Ebony board with cut abalone squares,
      several top and back cracks, no side cracks, herringbone rosette
      and herringbone back strip, original scalloped bracing, it needs 
      a neck re-set and crack repairs,
      selling this one "as is" w/ newer hard case...$5000

 *REGAL Prince Archtop, '40s, carved Spruce top, 17" across, 
       25.5" scale, Curly Maple back and sides, Rosewood board with
       triangles and Saturns inlaid in pearl & abalone, Troubador
       with guitar on the peghead, double checkered binding,
       likely refinished, plays and sounds great, ossc.....$995

 *GIBSON Country Western, 1965, natural finish, 1 11/16" at the nut
      all original with Ceramic adjustable saddle, wide open sound,
       exc, hsc...$5500

    *EASTMAN MD304 Mandolin, NEW, satin violin burst, A-Style w/ Oval Hole,
       solid Spruce Top, solid Maple back & sides, 1 3/32" at the bone nut,
       Diamond Pattern Rosette, Maple Neck, Ebony Fingerboard 
       with 12" Radius, original gigbag.....$789 list....$629 sell  

 *HATS, HATS, HATS Larkstreet Logo'd Hats- Aged Baseball,
       Knit Winter, Buckets...$25 each
              ****  UPDATED SUNDAY November 19th, 2023 ***

 *GIBSON LG-1, 1952, sunburst, repaired peghead, ladder braced,
       sounds and plays great, vgc, ssc....$2100

 *SCGC Model H, 2010, Shaded Cedar top, Shaded Mahogany back & sides,
        Ebony board and peghead, asymetrical peghead, 14 1/2" wide at the 
        lower bout, 25.5" scale, 1 11/16" at the bone nut, vgc++, ohsc..$2900   

 *GRETSCH 6125 Single Anniversary. 1960, 2-tone Smoke Green, 
        1 Hi-Lotron pickup, bindings are all excellent except 3" strip
        at the heel, exc, hsc....$1995

 *FENDER Custom Shop '57 Strat, Black, Curly Maple neck,
        exc, tweed case...$2495

 *GIBSON L-50, ca 1956, Sunburst, Mahogany top, Maple
        back and sides, bridge has a pickup imbedded with jack at 
          butt end of guitar, vgc++, hsc..HOLD

 *PRS Hollow Body, 2007, 10 top, root beer finish, curly Maple top,
       double ƒ holes, Piezo pickup in bridge, wide fat neck,  Ebony tuner
       buttons, PRS "Archtop" humbuckers, some scratches on the back,
        vgc+, ohsc...$3750 

 *DANELECTRO Centurion 275 Series F Combo Amp, 1963, 2 6V6 power
       tubes, 1x12" original Jensen speaker, 2 channels, Reverb & Tremolo
         grey tolex with wheat colored Cane grille, exc-.....$650

 *GIBSON GA-30 Combo, 1948, 2 tone brown, 4 inputs,
        1 channel, Volume and Tone knobs with "Tone Expander" switch,
        2 Jensen Speakers- an 8" and a 12", 2 6v6 Power tubes,

    *GIBSON GA-30 Combo Amp, 1952, light 2 tone brown, 4 inputs,
        2 channel, 2 Volumes and 1 Tone knob, switchable "Tone Expander"
        circuit, 12" Jensen Alnico 5 speaker, 1-8" Alnico 5 Jensen speaker,
         2 6SJ7 pre-amp tubes, 1 6sc7 preamp tube, 2 6V6 power tubes
         5Y3 rectifier, vgc+...$1650

 *AMPEG SVT Classic Bass Head, 300 watts, 6 power tubes,

 *SWR WORKINGMAN'S 4004 Bass head, vgc+...$200

    *MARTIN 000-17 Whiskey Sunset, NEW,   Solid Spruce top, Mahogany back 
        and sides,  modified low oval neck with a Performing Artist taper,
        rosewood fingerboard and bridge, this guitar produces beautiful  
        Whiskey Sunset Burst top, Satin finish, 000-14 Fret body 
        Scalloped X bracing,  24.9" scale length, 1 3/4" nut width,
        Golden Age Relic Nickel tuners, Martin soft case..$1799

     *MARTIN M-36, NEW...$3499

 *GIBSON Les Paul Trad Pro V, 2021, Blue burst, gloss finish,
        curly Maple top, has a passive HP-4 High Performance Circuit 
        with  push-pull pots on all the controls 
  • Pulling the neck-pickup volume knob either splits or taps the coils
  • Pulling the bridge-pickup volume knob either splits or taps the coils
  • Pulling the neck-pickup tone knob selects the out-of-phase setting
  • Pulling the bridge-pickup tone knob up selects the pickups’ outer coils
       Also an internal DIP switch with five on/off positions makes it
        possible to select split- or tapped-coil wiring for the two 
        humbuckers, the output is lower and the tone more single-coil
        like in split mode, with greater output and fuller and somewhat
        hollower tone in tapped mode, 9.3 lbs, exc+, ohsc...$1850

     gbl        ****  UPDATED SUNDAY November 12th, 2023 ***

 *GIBSON Les Paul Deluxe, 1973, Goldtop, 2 Gibson re-issue PAF humbuckers 
     have been neatly installed, Kluson double ring tuners re-installed,
     9.7 lbs, 2 piece body, 3 piece neck, no breaks, vgc, ohsc...$4500 

 *TEYE 'La Pirata", 2013, hand made in Texas, Shipwrecked Black, 
      open pore finish, Mahogany neck & body,'Brand of Gypsies" engraved
      in tailpiece, 1 humbucker with raised metal engraved surround, bound
      ebony board, Grover Imperials, black metal pickguard engraved and
      cut-out, aluminum back guard, exc......$2750 

 *NASH T-63, 2021, Telecaster,  Lake Placid Blue
        Rosewood board, 7.4 lbs, brass saddles, exc, ohsc...$1795

 *James TRUSSART Steel Deville, 2003, made in USA, 
          single cutaway, brushed aluminum, 2 humbuckers, exc, ohsc...$2595

   gbl          ****  UPDATED TUESDAY November 7th, 2023 ***

 *FENDER Telecaster, 1959-60, Blonde, slab board, exc,
       tweed case.......$39,000

 *McKinney labeled REGAL or Harmony Square Neck Acoustic guitar, 
          fretted, '40s, dark brown finish, for slide guitar,
          all original,  vgc+, ssc......$650

 *GIBSON EB-1,2, or 3 bridge w/ mute slider....$175


    *JACKSON AUDIO Broken Arrow, recent, Chrome, 6 knobs, 
        Overdrive w/ added Boost, w/box, exc..$139

    *KEELY Red Dirt Germanium, Overdrive, 3 knobs, black, exc...$90

    *J ROCKETT Animal, recent, black, 4 knobs, exc...$89

    *VERTEX Dynamic Distortion, recent, Green, 3 knobs, w/box, exc...$75
    *MXR Super Badass Distortion, silver, 5 knobs, w/box, exc..$69

    *CUSACK Screamer, used, Black, 3 knobs, exc...$150

              ****  UPDATED SUNDAY November 5th, 2023 ***

 *MARTIN 0-28 Ian Anderson Limited Edition, 2004, 62/87 made,
        Spruce top, Rosewood back & sides,  Ebony Pyramid bridge, Ebony
         board with cut diamond pearl inlays, 12 fret neck with slotted peghead,
         1 7/8" at the nut, herringbone trim, pearl triangles surround 
         the soundhole, has an extra black saddle so that the guitar
         can be strung with Classical strings too- thus the model was 
         dubbed "The Chameleon" and the undersaddle Fishman/Martin Gold-Plus
         Natural I active transducer pickup that works with either  
         steel or ball ended Nylon strings, gold plated engraved strip
         tuners, exc, papers, ohsc....$3750

 *RICKENBACKER 330, 2001, Jetglo, exc, ohsc..$1595

 *RICKENBACKER Electro Lap Steel, ca 1952, straight sides, 
       grey metal body, horseshoe pickup, exc...$850
 *EASTMAN SB55DC/TV, New, 2023, Cherry, double cutaway LP Junior with
        1 P-90 Lollar pickup, 6.26 lbs, ohsc......$1499

 *COLLINGS MF-5 Mandolin, ca 2005, sunburst, near mint, ohsc....$7250

 *EASTMAN MD515-BK-Limited Edition, 2023, NEW, F-Style, 
      solid carved Adirondack Spruce top, carved Maple back & sides, 
      Black lacquered top, Ebony board with 12" 
      radius, 1 3/32" at the bone nut, ohsc...$1495
 *SHELLEY PARK Encore, 2013, small oval hole Django guitar,
        Spruce top, cutaway, Rosewood back and sides, 26 1/4" scale, ebony board,
        exc, hsc...$3500

 *MAYBELL Banjo Ukulele, c. 1929, made by Slingerland in Chicago, 
        natural walnut finish, mahogany (maybe Walnut) pot, neck and resonator,
        ebony board with pearl diamond inlays, inlaid abalone flowerpot in pegehad,
        8" rim, 13 7/8" scale,  nut is 1 3/16 at the nut, heavy stretcher band, 
        hooks and nuts, metal tone ring, rosewood  board,  friction pegs,
        one of the better made  Banjo-Ukes, original  skin head, exc, 
        original hard case...$525

              ****  JUST IN- Tuesday October 24th, 2023 ***
 *ORANGE OR-120 Head, ca 1972-3, England, has some road wear on
      the outside, Fan added on back which could be dis-mounted,
      sounds crazy amazing great, vgc.......$3000

 *GIBSON SG Standard, 1969, Walnut, 2 "T Top" Gibson humbuckers 
     without covers, solidly repaired cracks where body meets neck,
     Gibson Vibrola, once had Schaller tuners now has repro Klusons,
     vgc, newer Brown case, gc.....$2950 

 *GIBSON EB-0 Bass, 1969, Cherry, solid peghead, 1 pickup, 
       all original with mute at bridge, vgc+, ossc....$1695

 *DOBRO HoundDog, used, round neck wooden Resonator guitar,
        natural finish, ƒ holes, vgc+, ohsc......$375

    *Michael Kelly MKLFP, F-5 style Mandolin, sunburst, exc, gb..$250

 *FENDER '52 Telecaster, 1996, Butterscotch, black guard,
       body stamped "Custom Shop", Sperzl tuners, 8.1 lbs,
       tweed case, vgc+....$1195

 *TELECASTER by Greg Adams, Red, Rosewood board, Alder body,
        Fender Custom Shop neck pu,  Fender Twisted Tele bridge
        pickup, exc...$1750
    gbl        ****  JUST IN- Sunday October 22nd, 2023 ***

 *PRS McCarty Single cutaway, 2002, 10 top, vintage sunburst,
       shows a good amount of playing wear, wrap tailpiece, 4 knobs,
       gold hardware, could be a Brazilian board but no certificate,
       this is a GREAT player- no PRS nick-o-phants need apply-
       vgc+, newer hsc....$2500

 *GIBSON L-4CESN, 1990, Blonde, Mahogany back and sides have been
      refinished, 2 humbuckers, pickguard deteriorated, mark next to bridge
      where a roland type synth pickup once was , plays great,
      brown case, vgc+...$2950

 *NATIONAL DELPHI, 2000, Metal body single resonator, Taupe  powder 
       coat finish, medium action, near mint, gigbag.....$1850

 *GRETSCH Tennessean, 1968, Walnut, 2 HiLotron pickups,
       single cutaway, the binding is in real good shape
        as is the whole guitar, exc-, ohsc.....$2750

 *FENDER Electric XII, 1966, Electric solid body 12-string,
       sunburst, a couple of small dings on the top, otherwise SO beautiful
       with a good straight neck, gorgeous sunburst finish,  exc, ohsc....$5500

  gbl             ****  JUST IN- Monday October 16th, 2023 ****

 *MARSHALL JTM-45  MK II reissue head, 1993, 2 Gold Lion KT-66
      power tubes, 50 watts, real nice condition with slight wear 
      at the corners, signal caps upgraded to Sozo yellow, 
      2 channels, 4 inputs, no Master, vgc+...........$1850

 *FENDER Blues Deluxe, made in USA, Tweed, '90s?, 
     12" Fender speaker, Reverb & Overdrive, 40 watts, vgc....$495

 *EPIPHONE Zephyr Cutaway, 1951, sunburst, 17 3/8" at lower bout,
      1 11/16" at the nut Brailian board with cut pearl squares,
      New Yorker pickup with white octogonal volume and tone knobs,
      Epiphone metal badge on peghead, no pickguard, vgc, hsc..$2900

 *NASH Jaguar, recent, Burgundy Mist, aged, exc, ohsc....$2150

 *GIBSON Les Paul Pre-Historic '60 re-issue, 1985, cherry
      sunburst curly Maple top, Gibson Pat. No. 2,737,842 pickups,
      Tuners restored but screw holes sho on back of peghead,
      9.05 lbs, dark Rosewood board, hsc.......$5900

                   ****  JUST IN- Monday October 9th, 2023 ****

 *MARTIN D-28, 1969, stately and beautiful Brazilian Rosewood
       back & sides, Spruce top, the original black pickguard
       has been replaced with a repro black pic guard, original Grover
       tuners, no cracks or other repairs, exc, hsc....$7500

 *CONTRERAS Classical, made in Madrid, solid Spruce top, 
       solid Rosewood back & sides, vgc+, hsc............$1995

 *MARTIN D-21 Special, 2017, Spruce top, Rosewood B&S, 
       forward shifted scalloped bracing, 1 3/4" nut, exc, ohsc...$2400
 *PARLOR Guitar, made in Australia, all solid woods- Spruce top,
        Lacewood back with pearl trim and center stripe, Lacewood sides, 
        pearl trimmed top and soundhole, 12 3/4" wide at lower bout, 
        24 1/2" scale, a tad over 1 3/4" at the nut, under saddle
        pickup w/ volume control, vgc, gb....$1000

     gbl       ****  JUST IN- Friday October 6th, 2023 ****

 *FENDER Deluxe Reverb, 1975, Silver Panel, all original, trem
      and reverb, 12" Oxford Speaker, sounds great, vgc++.....$2250

 *EPIPHONE Granada E444T, 1966, Sunburst, 1 Melody Maker 
      type pickup at the neck, "Bubble" creme pickguard, Vol & Tone,
       1 9/16" at the nut, 24 3/4" scale, exc+, hsc...$1895

 *FANO Artifact RB6, made by Dennis Fano, Sunburst aged
       finish, 2 P-90 style pickups, wraparound bridge with 
       individual saddles, Maple neck, frets are good, vgc, gb....$1950 
 *RICKENBACKER 4001, 2015, Black, newer tailpiece, vgc++

 *TUCKER BARRETT 5-String Electric Cell, ca 1990,Cedar top and back
      over a Spruce core, Ebony board, 3 Maple/Cedar spacers on the 
      back for depth, vgc, $3600 when new,......$2000

   *STEINBERGER NS NXT Cello, Electric 5 String, Active electronics, exc, gb..$750

 *STEINBERGER NS NXT Cello, Electric 5 String,
       fretted ebony fingerboard, exc, gb...$750
   *MARTIN 000-C1216E Nylon, 2016 Classical guitar with cutaway and 
      onboard Matrix Enhanced pickup, Solid Spruce top, solid Mahogany
      back & sides, Ebony board and bridge, 26.44" scale, 1 7/8" at nut,
      Fishman® Matrix VT Enhance NT1 electronics, exc..$1295

 *GIBSON Songwriter Walnut, 2000, sunburst Spruce top, 
      Walnut back and sides, cutaway, Baggs internal pickup, ohsc, exc..$1450

 *IBANEZ JEM77P,  their highest quality Indonesian built, blue floral
       pattern, HB-S-HB with blue coils, locking nut and fine-tuner trem
       bridge, Maple neck with floral inlay, exc-, ohsc...$1195


 *Greig Hutton's Guide to MARTIN Guitars 1833-1969, 
      426 pages of insider info,  New...$70
  BACK IN STOCK!    *Palm Trees, Senoritas... and Rocket Ships" - the illustrated History of National, Dobro, 
           Supro, Valco and OMI Guitars
                   A 423 page tour-de-force that explores the
            fascinating design world of the musical instruments produced by the Dopyera
           Brothers from 1923 to 1993.  Famous for their 'National' guitars, they went
           on to pioneer electric pickups, fiberglass construction, amplifiers etc, and
           influenced the sound of Country Music, Bluegrass, Blues and Hawaiian music
           through most of the 20th Century.
                Entirely and lavishly illustrated with over 1100 musical instruments and
            amplifiers and more than 100 artists who used them - this is THE
            DEFINITIVE COLLECTION of all the various developments, designs, colours
            and engraving patterns of everything produced by the Dopyera Brothers
            in their various companies throughout the 20th century - National, Dobro, 
            Supro, Valco, Mosrite, Regal and OMI.  It has them ALL!  It also features lap steels, amplifiers 
             and various National and Valco manufactured items for other Trade houses. 
             The book is concluded with an updated list of the serial numbers of known
             and re-discovered instruments - now in excess of 4200.  A MUST HAVE for 
            anyone interested in these guitars.  Leaves other books on the subject 
            in the dust....$140
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     SG and Marshall

    Defying logic- 3 Explorers, courtesy J. Menza
   Two '59 Les Pauls, courtesy J. Menza

   Two Airlines

  Three Strats, courtesy Lark Street Music

   Old Golds-ES-295 & '54 Les Paul, courtesy Lark Street Music

  The '60 Cherry Les Paul, courtesy J. Menza

  Moserite Double & Selmer Zodiac,  courtesy Lark Street Music

 Bacon & Days anyday, courtesy Lark Street Music

   Firebirds, courtesy Lark Street Music

  2 Centuries of Progress!
        more to come....

    featuring Buck Malen, Johnny Rabb, Kevin Maul, unknown banjo phenom & Frances


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                We often get asked  "where do these guitars come from" ??? or "who buys these things" ??
                So here's an interesting picture of the quite rare White ES-345 (that we had for sale for about a year)
                with both it's original ( c. 1964), and current (April'06)  owners.

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       For you who don't know, we do all manner of guitar repair and restoration.  We do most of it here but 
      also give some work to Dom Ramos -repairing and building since working in Dan Armstrong's shop in 
      the '60s.  We've also been a Martin Warrantee Center since 1985 before Martin closed down all 5 NJ Centers 
      because of a tax dispute between NJ and Martin

           DON'T SCROLL DOWN -    Feelings below

  Political sentiments
Turn back before it's too late!\


During the tense four days that have passed since the start of the Israel-Hamas truce on November 24, media have created a false moral equivalence between the release of Israeli hostages held by the terrorist group and Palestinian prisoners who have been jailed in Israel. Such coverage, which implicitly equates Israel to Hamas and validates the latter’s strategy, may have far-reaching ramifications on the continuation of the war.

In order to achieve that distorted equation between innocent women and children who were abducted from their homes and prisoners who have been charged with acts of violence or terror, media have used three parallel strategies: Sanitizing the Palestinian prisoners, referring to the Israeli hostages as “prisoners” and creating textual and visual symmetry regarding the joyful family reunions of each side.

AP and Reuters Set the Narrative
The Associated Press has managed to incorporate the first two strategies in one headline: “Palestinian families rejoice over release of minors and women in wartime prisoner swap.”

   The rest of AP’s story, while including some background on the released Palestinian “minors and women” (but none on the Israeli “prisoners”) carries an empathetic tone that borders on justification for Hamas’ kidnappings. For example, it quotes an official referring to “prisoner exchanges” as “the only hope” for prisoners’ families, without mentioning that she works for a group with terror links:

“These kinds of prisoner exchanges are often the only hope families have to see their sons or fathers released before many years go by,” said Amira Khader, international advocacy officer at Addameer, a group supporting Palestinian prisoners. “It’s what they live for, it’s like a miracle from God.”

 The story ends with an emotional quote from a released Palestinian prisoner, who was jailed in Israel for throwing stones:

   It was his first glimpse of the world after a year in prison for throwing stones in the northern town of Qalqilya. He was freed even though he had eight months of his sentence left to serve.He turned toward his father, wrapping him into a hug. “Look, I’m almost bigger than you now,” he said.

   The hurling of rocks can kill, and it has killed Israelis in the past. It is most certainly not a harmless pastime activity as some media have intimated. The story also does not detail the various charges against most of the released Palestinians, which range from attempted murder and violent assault to terror affiliations.
      The same distorted patterns appear in Reuters coverage. A mind-boggling headline refers to Israel and Hamas “prisoners,” including a four-year-old whose parents were brutally murdered in front of her eyes before she was kidnapped to Gaza.

  An earlier version of the story included a video featuring a split-screen showing 9-year-old Emily Hand, an Israeli girl released from Hamas captivity, reunited with her father, next to the family reunion of released Palestinian bomber Israa Jaabis:
A textual symmetry followed the visual one: After detailing Hand’s family’s plight, the story ends with a quote from Shorouk Dwayyat. Nowhere does it mention that Dwayyat is a PFLP member who tried to stab Israelis to death:

In comments to Al Jazeera TV from her home, freed prisoner Shorouk Dwayyat, who had served half of her 16-year prison term, said she felt joy mixed with pain. “I feel like I am in a dream, but I hope that the war on Gaza will stop as soon as possible.”

When one of the world’s largest news agencies fails to mention such details, instead presenting terrorists on the same moral level as a 9-year-old who’s been abducted from her home, it violates journalistic and human values alike.

US, UK Media Sanitize and Equate
The New York Times also featured Israa Jaabis, sanitizing her attempted murder by passively blaming her vehicle:
    She was arrested that year after her car exploded at a checkpoint near Jerusalem in the West Bank, leaving her disfigured and an Israeli police officer seriously injured.

   National Public Radio didn’t even bother checking the facts. It simply published a photo gallery presenting the release of Israeli hostages amid pictures of Palestinians celebrating their prisoners’ release.

  The Washington Post, meanwhile, included the following paragraph about the Palestinian prisoners release after a description and photos of the family reunions of freed Israeli children:

   Videos posted on social media showed similarly joyful scenes in the West Bank, where Palestinian women and children freed by Israel were reunited with their families. A bus carrying Red Cross staff and the prisoners as part of the second day’s releases arrived to a crowd of supporters holding flags in the occupied West Bank early Sunday.

  But the “similarly joyful scenes” were not similar at all. As German magazine Bild has pointed out: “The Israelis celebrate the return of the hostages, the Palestinians the release of prisoners. The difference couldn’t be greater: Israeli parents peacefully hug their released children. Palestinian ex-prisoners are cheered at terror marches”.
   The Washington Post also does not say a word about why the Palestinian women and “children” (most of whom were minors) were arrested in the first place.

Israel spokesperson Mark Regev confronted a Sky News anchor about this issue, exposing the fact she was not even aware of the charges against the released Palestinians:
    Some media have created an abysmal narrative that whitewashes terrorists by comparing them to innocent toddlers.

Some have minimized the kidnappings that took place on October 7 by equating the suffering of Israeli hostages to that of Palestinians in Israeli jails.

And by doing so, they have created a false moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas. They have also implicitly validated Hamas’ strategy of kidnapping Israelis and undermined Israel’s justification to continue fighting against the terror organization.

In a week that may be decisive for the course of the war as the agreed-upon truce between Israel and Hamas comes to an end, media have a responsibility to report the facts, not to create them.



I’m not writing this for the antisemites or closeted Jew-haters. They will always think and believe what they want to think and believe. 
But for the Jews who are confused; for our friends who want to support us but are being bombarded with false information; and for the youth on college campus and even high school who are pressured to stay quiet and hide—this is for you. 
We are one people, and when one of us bleeds, we all bleed. I know that you are also hurting inside, ever since the day you saw 1,400 of our people slaughtered in the most vicious way. And our friends worldwide who want a world of good, you also feel the pain of 200 kidnapped people—babies, children, and grandmas being held by terrorists. 
Let’s take a moment to understand what is really going on, and address the claims you may have been hearing. 
For perspective, let’s first look at what happened on Tuesday night, when suddenly every news outlet across the globe headlined that Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza and killed 500 people. 
The news outlets all published these headlines based on word they received from Hamas—a recognized terror organization that had just slaughtered 1,400 Israelis. None of them took a moment to consider that it was impossible for Hamas to know the death toll within mere minutes of the blast. None of them listened when Israel said that it does not target hospitals. It took until the next day when President Biden confirmed evidence that the blast was in fact from a failed Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket that these outlets changed their headlines only slightly. 
But the ridiculousness of it all came glaringly obvious in the morning, when photos and video footage showed that the blast had been in the hospital parking lot, where there was nothing but damaged cars. Realizing they were caught in a huge lie, Hamas dropped their death toll estimate to “10-40.” 
Take a moment to consider how eager everyone was to share word from a terror organization when it would make Israel look bad—even with significant evidence that it was false. Think how reluctant they were to correct the error, if they did at all. Now have this in mind whenever you hear any anti-Israel headlines. Consider how comfortable people feel with a lie when it’s to prosecute Israel. 
With that in mind, let’s look at some popular anti-Israel catchphrases going around these days:
*”Israel’s response is disproportionate.”*
After decades of firing tens of thousands missiles and mortars at Israeli civilians, on October 7th, terrorists from Gaza launched a full war on Israel. An estimated 2,900 Hamas terrorists broke through the Israeli border and tortured, raped, and murdered 1,400 Israelis, and kidnapped 200 more. The vast majority of those killed were civilians, including babies, children, and elderly Holocaust survivors. 
To quote one of the terrorists describing their cruelty, “we behaved like animals.”
The terrorists chose October 7th in order to target a music and peace festival being held in the forest near Gaza, which was full of teens and young adults. They stormed the festival and turned it into a bloodbath. 
Since October 7th, terrorist faction in Gaza fired 7,000 rockets and missiles at Israeli civilians, adding an entire Bedouin family to the death toll amongst others, displacing 500,000 Israeli civilians, and destroying homes, schools, playgrounds, and even a wing of Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon. 
The only proportionate response is the complete eradication of Hamas, and a guarantee of safety to all Israeli citizens. 
*“Israelis are European colonizers!”*
This one is disgusting and blatant antisemitism. It’s shameful that we even need to respond to it. 
Israel is and always was home to the Jewish people. For 3,377 years there has never been a time when Jews did not live in Israel. Most Jews were forcefully exiled by foreign conquers and occupiers, but never once stopped praying for the return to Zion and Jerusalem, and attempting to return when possible. 
My husband and I can both personally trace our lineage to when our families were expelled from Israel, and when we returned, as can most Jews from both Europe and the Middle East. We are the indigenous people here, and it is racist to call us the occupiers or colonizers of our own land. 
In addition, not all Israelis are Jewish. Many are Muslim, Druze, Christian, or others, and they serve in the military too, and are also being killed by Hamas terrorists. 
*“The Palestinians just want a State!”*
In 1947 the Arabs in the British Mandate of Palestine were offered more than half the land in a partition plan. They refused it and chose instead to attempt the annihilation of all the Jews. They failed. 
Notably, when the land from the partition plan was mostly taken by Jordan and Egypt, no one called for them to make it into a Palestinian state. 
The Palestinians were again offered a state in the 1993 Oslo Accords, but Hamas opposed it, and instead chose to launch terror attacks on Israel. 
In 2000, at the Camp David Summit, the Palestinians refused an offer that included even more territory, and instead launched the Second Intifada. 
In 2005, Israel evacuated all 8,000 Jewish citizens from their homes Gaza, and gave the Palestinians a state with beautiful beaches and infrastructure. Countries worldwide poured in billions of dollars, hoping that the Palestinians would make it into a paradise. Instead, they elected Hamas as the government, and spent all the money on terror. 
The Hamas Covenant is very clear in what they actually want:
“Our struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious... The Islamic Resistance Movement is but one squadron that should be supported...until the enemy is vanquished and Allah's victory is realized. It strives to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine...”
*“Israel maintained a siege on Gaza.”*
That’s literally impossible, since Gaza also has a border with Egypt. 
Israel maintained security borders like any other country. Due to Hamas’s tendency to import rockets which are used on Israeli citizens, Israel inspects all imports at the border, and in non-war times, allows all safe materials through.
To enter Israel, you must have a visa or work permit, which plenty of people from Gaza had. Many of the small Israeli communities near Gaza are made up of people who dreamed of peace with Gaza, and therefore hired many Gaza workers. In a horrific turn of events, several of those permit-holding workers assisted in planning the terror attack, and stormed Israel on October 7th to murder and kidnap the very people they worked with. 
This pulls into question whether Israel should ever have given work permits to Gaza citizens at all.
*”Israel stopped supplying water and electricity to Gaza!”*
This sounds ridiculous when you think about it. What country supplies electricity and water to a people that declared war on them and slaughtered their civilians?
Gaza had its own power plant and water supply, but Hamas plundered the equipment to make rockets which they fired into Israel. Despite this, Israel had been supplying them with electricity, gas, and water. All three were turned off at the start of the war, but the water was turned back on shortly after. 
If Gaza can’t produce their own electricity now, they can turn to their other neighbor, Egypt, who they did not declare war on. 
*”Israel is killing civilians in Gaza!”*
Sadly, Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists hide in between civilians and use them as human shields. Historically, Israel has made a huge effort to minimize civilian casualties, by giving warnings before bombing any building, and using precision targeting. 
This time Israel has a moral obligation to the safety of its citizens to eradicate Hamas. Therefore the IDF gave Gaza civilians a safe evacuation route away from areas which will be under heavy fire, with two weeks notice to evacuate. Hamas has been making an effort to block civilian evacuation, though most have thus far succeeded in moving to safer locations. 
In addition, since October 7th, 1 in 5 rockets fired by Hamas and Islamic Jihad fell short—that adds up to 550 rockets that they fired on their own people, contributing to an unknown but high number of civilian deaths in Gaza. 
*”Israel is committing an ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians!”*
The Palestinian population has been growing at the same rate as the Jewish population in Israel. That’s not how ethnic cleansing or genocide works. This is a bigger lie than the Gaza hospital bombing, and reeks of antisemitic undertones. 
*“Israel is apartheid.”*
All Israelis have equal rights, at every level. There are even Muslim parties in the Knesset (parliament), holding 10 of 120 seats. A quick stroll through any major Israeli city will show you Israelis of all religions getting about their day together, happily. My dentist and my husband’s primary physician are both Arab, and that’s the norm!
Often when people cry apartheid, they are referring to Palestinians. They are not Israeli, they live in either Gaza, which is under Hamas rule, or parts of the West Bank, which are under governance of the Palestinian Authority. They are treated like any other visitor to Israel - they can apply for a work or tourist visa to enter, and then work or tour like any other visa-holding visitor. 
*“Zionism is evil. Not all Jews are Zionists.”*
Zionism is a longing for Zion - Jerusalem, and Israel. Jews are from Zion. For over 2,000 years Jews have been praying three times a day, and after every time we eat bread, for the return of all Jews to Zion. You cannot separate Jerusalem from Judaism. 
Stand strong. The world has become a frightening place for the Jewish people. We remember those who stayed silent enablers during the Holocaust, and those who managed to resist the pressure and become heroes. We see you, and we respect you for making the right choice. 
Pictured: In between collecting mutilated bodies of Israelis killed by Hamas, and seeing the torture inflicted on families with small children before they were murdered, a ZAKA worker breaks down in tears.

A friend wrote this. I take no credit, but it's  food for thought.
"I'm not asking anyone to take my side, or the side of Israel, but I am asking you to think critically about the news you get from CNN and the BBC and AlJazeera or whatever station you watch
If we were colonizers, we would be actively planning wars, and TAKING land, not giving it away for PEACE. ( SINAI, Lebanon, Gaza strip...all relinquished, after being won, fairly, in a war, which we did not start. And yet still given away, in the promise of PEACE, which we have not gotten in return)
If we were committing genocide, then the population of Gaza and the West Bank would not have GROWN since 1967, but rather gotten smaller..no? Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank 1967: less than 1 million. Arabs in those areas today: 5 million) 
That is not GENOCIDE! You cannot have 500% population growth in a genocide. 
The definition of genocide is: 
" The deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group"
Does it look like we've destroyed anyone or are aiming to? 
Point of fact, we do not engage unless engaged with. And even then, our engagements are military, warnings in advance to clear the area and no civilian engagement whenever possible. 
Which brings me to the next part: 
War Crimes. Do you see in Israel rocket launchers on residential streets, missiles hidden under hospitals and schools (yes, even UNWRA schools got in on the deal)? Do you see 5 year old martyrs with hand grenades, and children trained with automatic weapons, and calls to behead all arabs, wherever we can find them? No, you do not. 
That is what our army faces against daily. And our CIVILIAN population is faced with daily, hourly....the WAR CRIMES of HAMAS and the Palestinian Authority. 
If we wanted to flatten all of Gaza and turn it into a parking lot, we have the weapon power to do it in 3 minutes. Why in the world do you think we haven't? After 10,000's of rockets and missiles have been fired indiscriminately at our cities and schools and homes, after Israelis have been killed and maimed and attacked....the reason is because we value HUMAN LIFE. Because we are trying to save the lives of the people of Gaza and the West Bank. We introduced water and power infrastructure to their villages. Before Israel, they had none. 
Next, the claims that Gaza is an open air prison, or a death camp etc. Ask yourself, how poor Gaza, that the BBC and NYT likes to claim is cut off from the world, and has no access to supplies...can import or import the materials to make thousands of rockets and missiles and rocket launchers --but can't import food, or medicine? Ask yourself where all of the cement and supplies to build schools and hospitals went...when instead there are hundreds of miles of cement and steel reinforced underground terror tunnels built every year. 
Finally, ask yourself how the leaders and government of poor Gaza have enough money to have a Billionaires Gaza Yacht Club with multi-million dollar yachts, and facilities, luxurious 5 star hotels, shopping malls filled with Gucci and Chanel and Polo shirts -- while their people literally starve and beg for help. 
And that is the main point. Israel does not govern GAZA. Israel is not in GAZA. Israel does not control GAZA. Gaza controls GAZA. So whatever the War Crime is for shelling your own population (430 rockets fired from Gaza at Israel have actually fallen within Gaza hurting and killing their own people), for putting rockets and missiles under their homes, for stealing their food and international aid -- you should know who to blame. The same Gazan leadership the Free Palestine movement funds and supports.
And now, think again critically about this situation. Do you honestly think that "Free-ing Palestine", and turning Israel over to these same folks that currently run GAZA or Ramallah so well is the solution to anything? Will provide more food or medicine or opportunity or freedom to ANYONE? Free Palestine hangs gay men from the tops of buildings and drags their bodies through the streets. Free Palestine supports honor killings of young women who have been raped or abused or shamed. Free Palestine calls for the elimination of all Jews. Free Palestine is in reality, nothing more than a thuggish, brutal, facist military regime, dressed up like a woke, liberal western project with nice slogans and catchy protest tunes. 
Like with most things, just follow the money and see what Free Palestine is really all about before lending your voice or your funds or support. 
Again, you don't have to wave an Israeli flag from your flagpole, but if you care about justice, real justice, and peace, freedom and security, think critically about the information you receive and then ask yourself what rings true."
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