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          Folks, we are CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC,  exceptions will be curbside
                 pickup  BY APPOINTMENT ONLY,  to pick up repairs.   
           We can still provide videos, pictures and descriptions of guitars and 
                  we are still shipping guitars on approval 
            We are open for online, mail-order and phone customers, 
                   Stay Safe, or as we now say-   STAFE! 


              Regular  HOURS:
                           Monday - Thursday  10am - 6:30pm EST
                                        Friday	         10am - 3pm
                                           CLOSED SATURDAYS  
                                  OPEN Sundays   Noon - 5pm     
  Email: larkstreet@gmail.com

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 *MARTIN 00-18, 1971, a great guitar that plays smoothly and sounds like you
            would hope it did, open and loud, exc,  hsc.....$2450

 *Powertone 4 EL84 Rocket # 007 , Trainwreck copy, made in Colonia NJ!
            Aluminum Chassis – 17” X 2",   Edcor EMO-727-120 power transformer,
            Classictone A470 output transformer (Dynaco A-470 clone)
             Hammond 158L 15H@75mA DC Choke
             Alpha Pots,  G10 Garolite circuit board,  20 ga solid core non-irradiated PVC 
             wiring through out,  1 watt Koa Speer carbon film resistors, ½ watt Xicon carbon
             composition resistors, Cornell Dubilier metal oxide 3 watt power resistors
             Mallory 150 tone caps,  Arcol 25 watt heat sink cathode power tube resistor,
             Saratov Russian EL84 power tubes, Weber Copper Cap 5AR4 Rectifier
              Littlefuse MOV 130VAC 50A (metal oxide varistor) circuit protector,
                   Solid Cherry Cabinet - Tru Oil Finish – hand rubbed, NEW....$2500

 *MULTIVOX Multi Echo MX-312 Tape Echo, made in Japan, tape delay

 *GIBSON ES-125, 1967, sunburst, fat body with cutaway, 2 P-90s

                               ******UPDATED- Tuesday March 17th, 2020 **********

 *GIBSON Maestro "Accordian" Amp, GA-45T, mid '50s, 2 tone Grey/White,
            4x8" Jensens, 2 channels with thick Tremolo, just serviced,  exc.......$1350

 *GIBSON GA-30, CA 1955, Brown, 1x12" Jensen, 1 x8" Jensen, just
           serviced, works and sounds great, vgc+.......$895

 *EPIPHONE Electar Amp, Natural Maple cabinet, all original, 
             original 12" Rola speaker, runs quiet, runs deep, vgc+....$895

 *FENDER Deluxe Reverb, c 1972, Silver panel, Reverb & Tremolo, looks
       a bit worn  and has some new caps but all original and sounds great,
      vgc, footswitch..........$1195

 *FENDER American  Deluxe Nashville Telecaster, 1998, Blonde finish, Rosewood board,
             Ash body bound top with tortoise plastic, 3 pickups with  5 way switch plus a
              toggle switch to add in the bridge pickup,  abalone dots, made in USA, 
              exc, ohsc.......$995

 *HARMONIUM, Sardar Pro Harmonium, NEW,  made in India,
              deluxe harmonium features a suitcase style folding body,
               The multi-fold bellows can be played left or right handed. 
              There are 5 drones and 4 stops to control the air-flow. Suitcase models have a 
              removable cover and the keyboard pops up for playing and stores in locked-down
               position for travel. The mechanical coupler allows you to play separate reeds,
              2 octaves apart, with the stroke of one key, slight blem....$895

                           ******UPDATED- Friday March 13th, 2020 **********

 *MARTIN 00-28, 1928, all original but it has an excellent repro pyramid bridge,
           original bridge plate with some professionally plugged holes, probably
           the most perfectly designed Martin guitar, huge sound coming out of a 
           concert size guitar, 14" across, 1 7/8" at nut, Ebony board with cut diamonds
           and squares, Waverly replacement tuners- engraved,  Adirondack Spruce top,
             Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, exc, ohsc a truly great guitar! ......$15,900, reduced...$12,500
  *FENDER Bass VI, 1963, refinished in a Brown burst, pickguard may be from 1966,
          3 pickups, 6 strings with a 30" scale, Fender Kluson plastic buttoned tuners, 
         all else original, plays great,  vgc+, ohsc.........$4250

 *FENDER Custom Shop '59 Telecaster Custom Sheryl Crow Ltd Edition
         this is 1 of 60 made in 2012, aged sunburst finish, green guard, all specs
         to Sheryl's original 1959 Tele Custom, exc, papers, brown case....$6500

 *DANELECTRO STOCK ’59, NEW, Aqua Green & Black in stock,  
           like the original Danelectro®’s,  Pau Ferro swivel bridge for superior tone, 
            Natural maple neck with clear lacquer finish and double acting truss rod
                 Double cutaway Shorthorn shape
                 Semi-hollow body with center block
                 25″ scale, Neck Shape: C, Fretboard Radius: 14″
                 2 Lipstick® pickups
                Traditional Bridge with Single Pau Ferro Swivel Saddle.......$429

    *DANELECTRO Longhorn Bass, NEW,  Copperburst, 2 lipstick
            tube pickups,  First made in 1958, this squawky short scale bass is loved for
             it's distinctive sound. Heard on countless recordings.........$499

    *K&K Pickups, we have them and we Install them

 *FENDER Jazz Bass, 1977, sunburst, Maple neck with pearloid block
            inlays, Fender re-issue pickups, exc, hsc....$1950

 *D'ADDARIO Back Line Backpack, NEW, Designed from the ground up, 
             the D’Addario Backline Gear Transport Pack is the ultimate solution for 
             players on the move. With more than eight specialized storage and transport
             compartments built into it, the Gear Transport Pack makes transporting everything 
             to your gig––while keeping it safe––painless and intuitive.  Its heavy construction, 
             water-resistant zippers, and comfort-padded contact points mean you can arrive
              confident, comfortable, and ready to play...................$325

                             ******UPDATED- Thursday March 5th, 2020 **********

 *Vihuela by Manouk Papazian , '70s, 7 Course Vihuela by Manouk Papazian,
                     In addition to his production of guitars and lutes, Manouk Papazian 
                 also produced a very limited number of Vihuelas, the Spanish version 
                 of the lute and precursor to the guitar. These Vihuelas are designed 
                 to be tuned to guitar pitch with the exception of the G tuned down one
                 half step to F# and the seventh course down to D (D, E, A, D, F#, B, E).
                   The more modern fret board and nickel silver frets make this instrument
                  more easily adaptable to those used to the guitar. The modern saddle
                   arrangement also provides better intonation and adjustability than the
                   traditional saddleless lute style bridge. Beautiful Swiss spruce top with inlaid 
                   wood designs and top border with lute style pierced rosette. Ebony fingerboard
                   with Boxwood bridge. The mahogony neck has an ebony overlay with Zebrawood
                   insert and is fitted with rosewood friction pegs. The back and sides of this
                  instrument are made using Zebrawood cut and matched into a spectacular
                  herringbone marquetry. Papazian is only known to have made two examples
                   in this way, New Old Stock..................$4900

 * Lute by Manouk Papazian, 7 Course Lute by Manouk Papazian , new old stock
             In addition to his production of over 900 guitars Manouk Papazian produced a 
             number of Lutes. These are designed to be tuned to guitar pitch with the exception
             of the G tuned down one half step to F# and the seventh course down to D 
             (D, E, A, D, F#, B, E). The more modern fret board and nickel silver frets make 
             this instrument more easily adaptable to those used to the guitar. The modern 
             saddle arrangement also provides better intonation and adjustability than the 
             traditional saddleless lute style bridge. Beautiful Swiss spruce top with inlaid
              wood designs and top border with lute style pierced rosette. Ebony fingerboard
              with Boxwood bridge. Beautiful bowl assembled from lovely Brazilian rosewood, 
              Papazian's rosewood friction pegs,  New Old Stock.....$3500 

    gbl                               ******UPDATED- Wednesday March 4th, 2020 **********

  *ESTEVE Classical 1GR07,  2002, made in Spain, solid Cedar top, Rosewood 
         back and sides, exc, hsc.....$450

 *YAMAHA Billy Sheehan Attitude Limited 3  Bass, recent,  Black, Maple neck with
         the upper 5 treble frets scalloped, active pickups w/ push/pull pots,
         2 output jacks, Drop D laver on the E string,  like new, papers, ohsc($2499 new) ...$1350

 *DOBRO, Custom Shop, '80s roundneck nset up with high action,
          c\Blonde curly Maple body, ebony board with fancy pearl inlays,
           gold engraved spider plate, vgc+, ohsc........$1500

    *EASTMAN MD515 Mandolin, NEW, F-style, carved Spruce top, carved Maple back
            and sides, arched ebony board, no lacquer violin finish, ohsc $.......$1064

    *EASTMAN MD-505 A-Style Mandolin, NEW, violin finish in Nitrocellulose lacquer, 
           all solid carved Spruce top and Maple back and sides, radiused 
                Ebony board, $928 list, ohsc....$745

 *EPIPHONE Les Paul Custom, recent Black, 3 humbuckers, gold hardware, exc....$395

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                              *STORE PANORAMIC VIEW- OF SORTS


 Meet Ian Davlin, head of our repair crew-
    1952 Les Paul that has a screw reinforcing a neck crack. When the customer originally
           brought the guitar in it had putty over the screw and the crack repair was failing.
     To see Lark Street Music's Wall click here

                Duke Levine w/ the Roy Sludge Trio in the store the day between 
         the Bowery and the Bell House gigs in NY last week - click here for a clip.  
         Also check out 

                                 ********* PICTURES from the EXHIBIT *************
    These are fairly large prints and are here in the store for purchase, all signed by Jonathan Singer-
       check his site www.botanicamagnifica for his story. 
  Prices were from $500-$1000. On sale, 30-40% off

     SG and Marshall

    Defying logic- 3 Explorers, courtesy J. Menza
   Two '59 Les Pauls, courtesy J. Menza

   Two Airlines

  Three Strats, courtesy Lark Street Music

   Old Golds-ES-295 & '54 Les Paul, courtesy Lark Street Music

  The '60 Cherry Les Paul, courtesy J. Menza

  Moserite Double & Selmer Zodiac,  courtesy Lark Street Music

 Bacon & Days anyday, courtesy Lark Street Music

   Firebirds, courtesy Lark Street Music

  2 Centuries of Progress!
        more to come....

 and introducing.........>>>>>>>>> *********** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
      The MAZEL TONE line of guitar effects pedals!  Larkstreet Music's own line of vintage
          tone producers, made right here designed by rabbi Shmuel Gold and hand wired
         by the legendary guitar builder Dominic Ramos, and named by our favorite
         Conan O'brien/ Fab Faux  guitarist extrordinaire  Jimmy Vivino, 
         the amazing DOUBLE FUZZ!!!  Distortion with an option for adding an upper octave,
         list price $229, street price............. $189 
 *AFTERWORD Delay pedal, by Mazeltone, The Afterword delay is a digital analog hybrid delay,
             although employing digital circuitry the repeats are thick and warm with delay times 
             up to 600 ms it can cover everything from slap back to ambient moods. 
             The final word in delay, New...$189
    featuring Buck Malen, Johnny Rabb, Kevin Maul, unknown banjo phenom & Frances
   DUKE LEVINE's brand new "Beneath The Blue"   CD, with Kevin Barry, Jay Bellerose,
                Paul Bryan, Kenny White, Dan Reiser & Mike Rivard available here or by mail-- $12 
                  ---->>>  or for you kids- dowloads availbale at dukelevine.com   


                                                Before  After ..... 
                We often get asked  "where do these guitars come from" ??? or "who buys these things" ??
                So here's an interesting picture of the quite rare White ES-345 (that we had for sale for about a year)
                with both it's original ( c. 1964), and current (April'06)  owners.

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       For you who don't know, we do all manner of guitar repair and restoration.  We do most of it here but 
      also give some work to Dom Ramos -repairing and building since working in Dan Armstrong's shop in 
      the '60s.  We've also been a Martin Warrantee Center since 1985 before Martin closed down all 5 NJ Centers 
      because of a tax dispute between NJ and Martin

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