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  QUARANTINE  Update. 12/24/21
          Folks, we are now OPEN to the PUBLIC, allowing
             2-3 people in at a time.  We have 3 Air Purifiers going.  We're also
          happy to bring any instrument outside for you to try out.
            Also we still have curbside pickup and drop-offs for repairs if you like 
                          MASKS ARE REQUIRED AGAIN!

                               Regular  HOURS:
                      Monday - Thursday  10am - 6:30pm EST
                               Friday  10am - 3pm
                               CLOSED SATURDAYS  

                         OPEN Sundays,   Noon - 5pm

               JUST IN  ****** Monday, January 24th, 2022 *******

 *SOUND CITY 50R Head, ca 1972, it's loud, with Reverb,
      variable ohms selector and volt selector, vgc++.....$795

 *MARTIN D-28S, 1972, slope shoulder long body with the neck joining
     at the 12th fret, slotted peghead, original Grover slimline
     tuners, repro black pickguard, crack-free, K&K pickup, small
     Rosewood bridge plate helper added, vgc+, hnewer hard case...

    *GIBSON J-55, 1975, square shoulders, Spruce top with thin
     traditional J-50 pickguard, Mahogany back and sides, top and 
     back bound with tortoise style plastic that is all deteriorating,
     a couple of small top cracks needing glue, Brazilian Rosewood
     bridge, good action, ohsc............  

    *FENDER Princeton Amp, 1966, Black Panel,
       all original but for a 10" Gilco Speaker, exc..$1950

 *AMPEG Guitar Amp, 1951, Brown tolex with square grill, was
     played in Tony Mattola's band, a SYLVANIA 6SN7 & 6SL7,2 GE 5881 power tubes,
    RCA Coke 5V4 Rectifier, pots dated 1948, 8" speaker, 
     heavy duty transformer, loud and clean, very rare, exc....$4950

 *FENDER Stratocaster 1954 re-issue, 2004, from the
      Custom Shop by  Masterbuilder Greg Fessler,
       2 tone sunburst, this from the first and only batch of
       '54 re-issues from Fender with all the right bakelite
       type plastic short skirted knobs, etc., very figured
       1-piece Ash body, 7.3 lbs,thermometer case, exc...$4950

             JUST IN  ****** Wednesday, January 19th, 2022 *******

 *NASH T-59/Flame, 2019, sunburst curly maple top,
       Telecaster shaped Mahogany bodyMahogany body,  DiMarzio Bluesbucker
       and Air Norton humbucker, Rosewood fretboard with Les Paul 
      inlays, aged, Nash case and cert...$2495

 *NASH Semi-hollow T69 TL/DB, 2014, Black thinline with
     pearloid bindings top and back, 2 single coil Lollar Tele
     pickups, Ash body, Maple neck with dot inlays, brass 
     compensated saddles, 6.46 lbs, aged, ohsc, cert...$1950  

 *CARVIN Double neck, '70s, Black, 6 string and 4-string bass  
       2 Carvin double white 12 pole humbuckers per neck, Ebony boards
       with pearl block inlays, coil splitting switches, Schaller
       tuners, the Bass has a 30" scale, the guitar a 25" scale,
       little wear at the edges, some denting on back,
       13.74 lbs, ohsc....$1500 

    *EASTMAN Mandolin, MD-305, NEW, A-style with solid Spruce top,
      solid Maple back & sides, Ebony fingerboard, adjustable ebony 
      bridge,  F-holes, satin finish,  gigbag....$599

 *EASTMAN Mandolin, MD-505, NEW, A-style with with Maple Neck 
     Ebony Fingerboard with 12" radius, Bone nut
      solid Spruce top w/ -Holes, solid Maple back & sides,
      Ebony fingerboard, adjustable ebony bridge, Ivoroid binding
      Gloss Violin Finish, hard case.....$1069 list....$849.                
 *EASTMAN E10 00SS, NEW, sunburst, firestripe pickguard,
       Spruce top, Mahogany back & sides, like a Gibson L-00 
       1 11/16" at the bone nut, 24.9" scale, ohsc.....list $1690 ....$1349

  *GIBBONS Les Paul style guitar, made in Asia, quite
      a beautiful copy w/ fake BFG signature, exc....$950

  *HOFNER HCT 500/1 Contemporary Violin Bass, NEW, sunburst
       current version of the Hofner Beatle Bass
       in the style of the 1964 version with a sustain block 
       inside the body to give modern, deep bass sound along with
       the original Beatle bass sound, short 30" scale.......$795 

   gbl        JUST IN  ****** MONDAY January 17th, 2022 *******

 *NASH TC-63, Telecaster Custom style, 2016, 
       Lake Placid Blue with binding top and back, Alder body,
       Rosewood fretboard, Lollar single coil pickups,
       light aging, C shaped neck, certificate, ohsc ($2850 list)...$1850

 *EPIPHONE ES-295, recent, all gold archtop with 2 P-90
      style pickups, Bigsby tailpiece, flowered pickguard,
      exc, hsc....$795

 *GIBSON 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue, 2005,
      cherry sunburst, highly figured top, 9.12 lbs., Brazilian
       board by Historic Makeovers, nice '59 neck, exc+, brown ohsc...$6950

 *GIBSON 1960 Les Paul Standard Reissue,  2011, 
      '60 re-issue, cherry sunburst with
      very nice top, 8.57 lbs, exc+, black ohsc....$5500

 *GIBSON Les Paul TV Special, 2019, Historic series, TV Yellow,
      single cutaway, 2 P-90s, exc, brown case......$2750

 *GIBSON ES-135, 2002, Blonde, single cutaway with
      2 humbuckers, trapeze tailpiece, gold hardware,
      exc, ohsc....$1850

 *STEW-MAC Pony Banjo, '80s, 5-String with 21" scale,
      11" head, all in one aluminum pot and tone ring, planet
      tuners, vgc+......$395

 *HUSS & DALTON DS Custom, used, Slope shouldered Dreadnought,
      sunburst Spruce top, center seam reglued, Mahogany
      back & sides, snowflake inlays in Ebony board, top, back,
      and neck bound in curly Maple, 14 frets to the body,
      LR Baggs soundhole pickup, vgc, tweed hsc......$2500

     *MARSHALL 4x12 Straight Cabinet, 1969,  
      has 4 greenbacks, 2 are original T1221 lead model
      and 2 are '68/'71 T1511 bass cone model, one of each pair
      is reconed, the rare gold 68 t1511 was done by guru- 
      the speaker doctor using Celestion parts, the T1221 may be a crap 
      cone[walden]done in 80s/90s- it is not a Celestion cone...

 *MARSHALL 4X12 Slant Cabinet, 1969, Matching 1969 B bottom,
      4 perfect 76/77 g12H30 blackbacks, and cab is in great shape,
      original speakers were blown in 77, the blackbacks in here
      sound better than orig G12ms and can run 100 watt heads solo,

            JUST IN  ****** MONDAY January 3rd, 2022 *******
 *FENDER Stratocaster 1954 re-issue, 2004, from the
      Custom Shop by  Masterbuilder Greg Fessler,
       2 tone sunburst, this from the first and only batch of
       '54 re-issues from Fender with all the right bakelite
       type plastic short skirted knobs, etc., very figured
       1-piece Ash body, 7.3 lbs,thermometer case, exc...$5950

 *FENDER Stratocaster Standard, USA, 1998, Candy Apple 
      Red finish, Rosewood board, has Custom Shop Texas Special pickups,
      exc+, ohsc.......$1095

 *FENDER Special Edition '60 Strat, recent, MiM, Daphne
       Blue with matching headstock, Rosewood board, green
       guard, exc, hsc..HOLD
 *GIBSON Triumph Bass, 1972, Natural Mahogany body,
     Rosewood board with block inlays, 2 Low Impedance pickups, 
     the original plastic control mounting plate has been replaced
     professionally with a thin brass plate, tuners changed, 
     30.5" short scale, vgc, ohsc.......$1795

 *SILVERTONE Jimmie Reed Thin Twin Guitar, 
      ca 1959, sunburst, 2 pickups, exc, ssc.........$1695

 *IIDA 5-String Mastertone style Banjo, Japan, '80s,
       flat head tone ring,Maple resonator with marquetry,
        exc, hard case...$650 

     gbl            UPDATED ****** WEDNESDAY December 29th, 2021 *******

 *TRONAD Sitar Archtop Slide guitar, India, 13 sympathetic strings,
       9 strings on top, high nut, exc...$1000
 *SCHECTER Nick Johnston Strat style, recent, Foam Green, 
          Rosewood board, exc....$450 

 *TOKAI Love Rock Les Paul copy, 2018, made in Japan, nice curly Maple top,
       faded burst, exc, gigbag....$950

 *OVATION Breadwinner, 1967, black pebble finish, all original,
       2 pickups, exc, gigbag.......$1500 

 *GIBSON Les Paul Standard Millennium, 2000, Silver sparkle finish 
       turned gold, girl decal on the front, Black back and neck,
       vgc+, ohsc...$2500

 *MARTIN HD-28, 1977, one of the first HD-28s, exc, ohsc...$2750

 *MARTIN D-28 Authentic, 2016, torrified Spruce top, Madagascar
      Rosewood back and sides, Hide glue throughout, exc, ohsc...$5500

 *GUILD JF-30-12, ca 2005, Limited Edition "Tennessee Twins"
       12-string acoustic, Orange/Rose finish, 17" jumbo body,
       gold hardware, pickup with 2 knobs on the shoulder,
       perfect action and playability, certificate,  exc, ohsc.. hold

 *NAGOYA N-50 Jumbo, made in Japan,'70s, copy of a Gild F-50 
      with Spruce top, Rosewood back and sides, vgc+...high action, as is...$195  

 *EPIPHONE 'F' style Mandolin, Label inside says Sakura, made in Japan,
       natural finish, Shadow pickup, exc, hsc......$695

 *BALDWIN Professional Amp, C-1, Blue, Combo
    with 2x12" speakers, ca 1970, solid state, Reverb and Tremolo,

 *CRATE Tx30 "Taxi" Amp, chargeable battery powered busking amp,
          yellow, exc, original box........$200 


            Just In ****** MONDAY December 27th, 2021 *******

 *REPUBLIC Tricone, used,triple resonator, round neck, aged
         finish, vgc+, ohsc.....$795

 *GIBSON Les Paul Traditional, 2012, faded sunburst top with nice
       figured Maple, 9.7 lbs, papers, frets are fine, vgc, ohsc..$1895

 *CALTON CASE, used, White, fits a vintage Les Paul double cutaway
        Special or Junior, exc....$750 
    *THE "SHADOW" ECHO, old, tape looping echo machine, vgc...$200

 *KUSTOM KPM210 Monitor, powered wedge monitor, includes a 100W power amp,
        two 10" speakers, a piezo horn driver, XLR and 1/4"inputs,   
        wedge shape makes it ideal for use as a stage monitor. A thru 
        jack allows daisy-chaining, onboard volume control, RUGGED!..$100

 *FENDER Jazz Bass, 1969, Sunburst, Block inlays in Rosewood
       fingerboard, 8.9 lbs, exc+, ohsc.......$6500


   gbl           Just In ****** Monday December 20th, 2021 *******

 *GIBSON Firebird III, 1964, sunburst, 2 Firebird pickups,
       dot neck, Gibson Vibrola, some checking, vgc+, ohsc... HOLD

 *GIBSON Firebird I, c 1963, refinished vintage white many
     years ago, now has 2 Gibson humbuckers and a tunomatic bridge setup,
     no breaks, straight neck, plays great, vgc, ohsc.....$5000 

 *MARTIN 1-21, 1917, 12 3/4" at the lower bout, Spruce
       top, Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, Cedar neck
       with Ebony board, Herringbone rosette, red, green 
       and natural Herringbone back stripe, Ebony pyramid 
       bridge, bone bridge pins  with abalone inlays, 
       original bar frets, top has had touchup work done,
       plays and sounds outstanding, hsc...HOLD

 *VEGA Regent 5-String Banjo, 1924, open
     back but alsio has factory original resonator, exc, hsc...$1750

 *DW 7 Piece Drum Set, 2003, Timeless Timber Birch,
      with 200 year old sinker Birch from Lake Superior,
      8", 10", 12", 16" Toms, 14" Snare, 22" Bass,
      This set's been used as a rental for only 6 times
      including Gerald Hayward with Beyonce, and Billy
      Kreutzman, has the brown sunburst Birch finish,

            Just In ****** Tuesday December 14th, 2021 *******

 *REBEL RELIC Tele, Fiesta red by Luke at Rebel Relic, Rosewood
      fingerboard,  Lindy Fralin Tele Stock 2% Hybrid pickups, 
      .047 Angla cap, 4-way (series/parallel) Switchcraft switch,
       CTS pots, 7.5 lbs, vgc+ hsc.......$1395

 *TOM ANDERSON Hollow Classic S, 1999, Strat style
        2-tone sunburst finish on ash body, Maple neck, 
        Sperzel tuners added, tremolo, 6.74 lbs,  exc, ohsc...$2250

 *MARTIN 0-28K, 1928, highly figured koa body, herringbone trim,
       converted to Spanish style from its original Hawaiian
       set-up by Mark Stutman which involved resetting the neck 
       and replacing the bar frets, putting a radius in the 
       fingerboard and installing side-dots, replacing the nut, 
       and recutting the bridges saddle slot for better intonation,
       crowned medium-tall bar frets (.045 tall), no cracks, some 
       playwear to the top where a pickguard would otherwise have been,
       bridgeplate is a well-made replacement, and the original bridge
       has small filled-in screw-holes through the wings, there is a 
       small older top repair immediately in front of the bridge; the 
       bridge and top are otherwise perfect, and there are no other 
       repairs to the guitar. Softened V neck carve, 24.9 scale, 
       1-7/8 nutwidth, 2-5/16 string spread at the saddle, 16 to 20
       compound radius fingerboard. Original engraved Waverly tuners 
       work perfectly, original endpin, modern Antique Acoustic old 
       style 28 bridge pins, bone saddle and replica NOS bone nut,
       exc,'20s arched top case......hold

 *GIBSON SJ, 1957, sunburst, chunky neck, original small
     frets in good shape, Brazilian board with parallelogram
     inlays, tuners restored to original but post holes were
     never enlarged, crack free but for one small repaired 
     crack near fingerboard extension, vgc+, brown chip
     board soft shell case.....on hold

 *EASTMAN E10 00SS/V, recent, reddish Varnish finish, Spruce top,
      Mahogany back & sides, similar to a Gibson L-00 in body
      shape, firestripe pickguard, Ebony board with dots,
      butterbean tuners, some varnish flaws on the side
      otherwise excellent condition, papers, ohsc....$850

  GBL             Just In ****** MONDAY December 13th, 2021 *******

 *EASTMAN AR 371, used, ES-175 style archtop with
       1 humbucker at the neck, some lacquer checking...$750

 *KALAMAZOO Model Two combo Amp, ca 1968,
    all tube, 1x10" speaker, with tremolo....$275

 *ALAMO Montclair Reverb Amp, with Reverb
     and Tremolo, tube power section, 12" speaker, vgc...$395

 *ROLAND JC-50 Jazz Chorus combo, used, 1x12"...$495

    *EARTHQUAKER Chrysalis Pedal, green, exc....$195

    *PRE-WAR Guitar Company, NEW, Shaded top D Style with Honduran
      Mahogany back and sides, Adirondack spruce top, '37 style 
      C neck, 1 3/4" at nut, "We utilize hot hide glue for all of
      the bracing as well as in our traditional dovetail 
      neck joints. We use Torrefied tops and hand carved Torrefied 
      brace wood for their dry-aged tone. You get a guitar with 
      the soul, sound, and look of a well-loved vintage instrument,
      but with the price, adjust-ability, and reliability of a 
      modern guitar". It has a truss rod, outstanding dry hollow tone,
      volume and playability, this is a level 2 distressed 
       sunburst finish was inspired by a picture of our 1936 D-18,
       with Harptone vintage style case....... 

   gbl          Just In ****** Thursday December 9th, 2021 *******
 *GIBSON ES-225TD, 1956, sunburst, 2 P-90s, long
      early Les Paul trapeze tailpiece, rhinestones
      embellish the peghead and pickguard, finish is 
      in beautiful condition, repro tuners, vgc+, hsc...$4500

 *EPIPHONE BG-440 Mandolin, Japan c. 1974, sunburst, Epiphone's
     version of the Gibson A-5 Florentine model with 2 points,
      oval sound hole, Spruce top, Maple sides & back "F" model
      peghead, Fishman bridge pickup, exc, ssc..$450

    *WAMPLER Nirvana Chorus pedal, green, 4 knobs & 2 switches..$169
 *TAYLOR 614CE, 2002, 15 3/4" Grand Concert, Spruce top,
      curly Maple back and sides, Inlaid Ebony board, 25 1/2" scale,
      1 3/4" at the nut, Fishman Prefix Stereo Blender pickup,
      cutaway body with pearl rosette, exc.....$1850

 *TAYLOR Builders Edition 517, 2019, shaded top,
      near mint, $2799 new, ohsc....$1995

    gbl         Just In ****** Tuesday December 7th, 2021 *******

 *FENDER Stratocaster, 1965, original neck finish, body
      only has been refinished professionally sunburst, all 
      parts are original, 7.52 lbs, pots dated 10th week of '65,
      original pickups are all dated October 10-8-65, neck 
      dated Sep65, small peghead w/transition logo, pearl dots,
      the pickup cavities are painted with black shielding 
      paint, vgc++, ohsc....$9500 

 *FENDER Stratocaster, ca 2002, '62 American Re-issue,
       yellowed  Olympic white, Rosewood slab board, clay dots, 
       green guard, near mint, tag, ohsc.....$1895 

 *FENDER Clapton Strat, Blackie, c 2013, Maple neck, Noiseless
        pickups, boost control, exc, hsc...$1350
 *MARTIN DC-16GTE, 2008, cutaway Dreadnought with Spruce
       top, Mahogany back & sides, Fishman Prefix pickup, vgc, ohsc..$850 

              Just In ****** Monday November 29th, 2021 *******
 *ALTAMIRA MO1F Antique,2008, DJANGO style guitar with 2  holes in
       the upper part of the slightly arched solid Spruce top,
       laminated Rosewood back & sides with wood binding, 1 11/16"  
       at the nut, the ebony board has a 'zero' fret and block markers
       along the bass edge, gold plated tuners in the slotted peghead,
       vgc+, hsc....$795

 *BC RICH Mockingbird, '90s?  made in Japan, Black,
       Licensed Floyd Rose Trem with locking nut, 
       2 humbuckers, gold hardware, glued in neck, 
       Rosewood board with diamond inlays, vgc, gigbag.....$695

 *MAGNATONE Varsity Reverb Combo, used,  black tolex, 15 watt
         push/pull class A powered by 2 EL-84s, 12" Magnatone 
         Ceramic Speaker, solid Pine finger joined cabinet, with Reverb,
         Jeff Beck uses a Varsity   ......$1300

 *FENDER Chris Stapleton '62 Princeton re-issue, recent,
     brown tolex, 12" Eminence CS speaker, Tremolo, 12 watts,
     2x6V6 power tubes, Solid Pine cabinet, hand-wired,
     excellent, with cover...$1650

  gbl            Just In ****** Wednesday November 24th, 2021 *******
 *HAMER Explorer, ca 1976, serial number 0049, very early,
     sunburst bound body, Mahogany neck with crown inlays in
     an extremely dark Indian Rosewood- could be Brazilian- board, 
     Maple top on a Mahogany body, 2 Duncan Zebra humbuckers, old and
     possibly original hard case, 8.27 lbs, made at about the same
     time as was Lita Ford's or Mick Ralphs acccording to it's maker,

 *WHITFILL T-Model, 2019, blackguard, aged 
     butterscotch finish, 1-piece Ash body, Maple 'C' neck,  
      1 10/16" at the nut, 6.95 lbs,  Onamac pickup, 
      exc, tweed case...$2600

 *GRETSCH White Falcon G6136T-LTV, 2014, single cutaway '58
      style with thumb-print fretboard markers, gold hardware
      with Bigsby, TV Jones FilterTron pickups, papers, ohsc, exc..$2750

 *TAYLOR K-14CE Builders Edition, recent,
        Hawaiian Koa back and sides, torrefied Sitka Spruce 
        top, beveled armrest, beveled body edge,
        reshaped cutaway with a finger bevel near the top,
       pearl trimmed top, floral inlays in board, mint, ohsc..$3750
 *PLAYMATE Acoustic Bass, recent, Black, with pickup, exc....$239

 *MARTIN Road Series Special, NEW, sunburst, ohsc...$829

    *LANIKAI LKP-T Tenor Uke, Koa with pearl trim,
         mint w/ gigbag....$179

    *SIMON & PATRICK Woodland Spruce, recent, Dreadnought,
      solid Spruce top,3-ply wild cherry back & sides,
      mint, gigbag...$375

 *SIMON & PATRICK Trek Nat Solid Spruce, recent, made
       in Canada, Dreadnought, solid Spruce top,3-ply blonde
      wild cherry back & sides, mint, gigbag....$375

 *SIMON & PATRICK Songsmith, recent, Dreadnought,
      Sunburst, solid Spruce top,3-ply wild cherry back
      & sides,made in Canada, vgc+, gigbag...$295

 *WASHBURN D-30-S, recent, Dreadnought, Solid Cedar top,
       Bird's Eye Maple back and sides, exc, hsc...$325

  gbl            Just In ****** Sunday November 21st, 2021 *******

 *GIBSON Super 400 CES, 1992, Sunburst, 
     top of the line 18" cutaway Archtop, 2 Humbuckers, Flamed 
     Maple back and sides, Solid carved Spruce top, Ebony board,
     gold hardware, exc, ohsc............$8500

 *HHAGSTROM II, ca 1970, White- looks too clean to be
      original finish tho it may be, Rosewood board, 2 pickups, 
      nice wide thin neck, exc.....$475

 *FENDER Princeton Amp, 1964, Black Panel, 
     Fender "Electric" logo, "Tuxedo" model with White Knobs, 
     all original but for a 10" 1965 Fender Oxford Speaker,

 *SUNN Stinger Amp, 20 watt Solid State combo,
        8" speaker, vgc+....$250
 *MARSHALL JCM 900 Head, exc, with Road Case, exc...$895

 *DANELECTRO Deluxe, 1959, wood grained Formica with binding,
        cloth sides, 2 Lipstick Tube pickups, 3 knobs, 2 "feather touch"pointers 
        to accent bass and treble, stacked, with master control, vgc.....$1250

     gbl        Just In ****** Sunday November 14th, 2021 *******

 *IBANEZ Premium RG6PCMLTD, ca. 2016, Red-Orange fade, Curly Maple 
       top w/natural binding, Ash body, Curly Maple fretboard
       on a 11pc Wenge/Bubinga/Maple/Purpleheart Neck,
       Stainless Steel jumbo frets,  Edge-Zero II Tremolo 
       Dimarzio Air Norton/True Velvet/Tone Zone Pickups
       HB-S-HB, Black Hardware, Gotoh MG-T Locking Machine Heads
       luminescent Glow-In-The-Dark side dots, near mint...$750

 *MARTIN 20-S Mandolin, 1950, natural arched spruce top with 
      2 points, oval sound hole, 1 repaired top crack, highly 
      figured Maple back and sides, Schatten pickup on top, great 
      action, nice appropriate new tuners, exc-, hsc..$1495  

    gbl        Just In ****** Thursday November 11th, 2021 *******

 *FENDER American Original 50s Telecaster, 2020,
      LEFTY, Butterscotch '52 Blackguard, Ash body, Lacquer
      finish, near mint, papers, tweed case........$1650

    *OVATION Celebrity CC012 Travel Size Acoustic Guitar, used,
      cutaway, vgc, ssc...$125

 *MARTIN LXK2 Little Martin, 2021, NEW, High Pressure Laminate 
       Koa with gigbag....$349 
           UPDATED ****** Tuesday November 9th, 2021 *******

 *MARTIN DC-16GTE, 2000, dreadnought cutaway with pickup,
      gloss top, all solid woods- Spruce top, Mahogany back
      and sides, Fishman controls for the pickup on the side,
      perfect actio, vgc, hsc.........$1000

 *MARSHALL Master Lead Combo, c.1978, 2x12 Combo, solid state, 
       30 watts, made in UK, 3 inputs, 2 channels, 
       Master Volume, vgc.....$400

 *MARSHALL JCM 2000 Head, TSL 60 watts, a couple of small tears
       in the tolex otherwise excellent....$595

    *MARSHALL Lead 4x12 Model 8412, 8 Ohms, straight cab,
         vgc, casters......$295
 *DANELECTRO Baritone Electric, NEW, Black Sparkle or
       Redburst both in stock, single cutaway, 2 lipstick
      tube pickups......$599 

 *GIBSON ES-335, LEFTY, 2008, Sunburst, Curly Maple top 
      and back, small peghead crack repair, Dot-neck
      with Orange label, exc, ohsc...$2250
 *Markneukirchen, Germany "Stauffer Style" ca 1850, 
      South American Zebrawood back and sides with 'Roses' 
      12 frets to body, inlaid at end of fretboard, 2.6 lbs, 11 3/4" 
       at the lower bout, upper bout is 9 1/4", 3 1/2" deep
      ladder-braced' body with a natural Spruce top, body length 
      is 17 1/8",  sound hole has three circular 'Herringbone' inlays
      and a very intricate floral inlay ring (3/8 inch wide) of 
      mother-of-pearl and abalone. The edge of the top also has a 5/16"
      floral inlay of mother-of-pearl & abalone and has Herringbone
      strips and a single layer of white binding. At the strap-end of the top 
      is a beautiful 'Fantail' inlay of mother-of-pearl and abalone. 
      Ebonized maple neck with 'ice-cream cone' heel, 24 1/2"scale,
      1 13/16" at the nut, 'D' neck profile is nice and thin, 0.83" 
      at the first fret, 0.88" at the ninth fret. Staufer style ebonized 
       single bound maple 'scroll' peghead with non-original straight-through
      tuners with rear-facing oval ebony buttons, on the back of the peghead 
      is a fine silver engraved tuner mechanism cover, single white 
      bound ebony fretboard with nineteen thin frets, neck joint at 
      the 12th fret. From the thirteenth, the length of the frets gradually 
      shortens on the bass side, Moustache shaped ebony tailpiece with 
      intricate inlaid mother-of-pearl and abalone ornamentation including
      two heart shaped inlays of Abalone at each end, 6 ivory pins 
      (some not original) with inlaid abalone circles.  
         There are five repaired top cracks and two on the sides, some playing 
      wear on the top but overall in very nice condition. 
        This actual guitar is featured in Gruhn & Carter's Acoustic Guitars 
           and other Fretted Instruments, pp. 9-11 with three color photographs. 
               "Unlabeled, early 1800s"...............$6900
 *GIBSON SG Custom, Aged White, 2006,'63 style, 3 pickups, 
     gold plated, short Bigsby added, gold Grovers, good frets,
     vgc+, hsc...$3500

           UPDATED ****** Wednesday November 3rd, 2021 *******
 *DW 7 Piece Drum Set, 2003, Timeless Timber Birch,
      with 200 year old sinker Birch from Lake Superior,
      8", 10", 12", 16" Toms, 14" Snare, 22" Bass,
      This set's been used as a rental for only 6 times
      including Gerald Hayward with Beyonce, and Billy
      Kreutzman, has the brown sunburst Birch finish,
      exc....$9500, reduced...$7500 

    *DUNLOP Rotovibe JH4S, recent, used, Red, exc....$229

    *APHEX Punch Factory Optical Compressor & DI Pedal Model 1404...$49

    *IBANEZ Soundtank TS5 Tube Screamer, RECENT, EXC...$49

    *WASHBURN Blues Overdrive LSEBOD, Blue, exc..$39 

    *BOSS DS-1 Distortion Pedal, Taiwan, Orange, exc....$45

    *DUNLOP Crybaby 95Q Wah Wah pedal, exc+....$89

    *SEYMOUR DUNCAN Pickup Booster, exc+...$50 

    *VOX V847 Wah-Wah pedal, USA, with original bag...$95 

    *ELECTRO-HARMONIX Small Clone EH4600 Full Chorus, vgc..$89

    *BOSS Blues Driver BD-2, made in Japan, Blue, exc+...$99

    *EPIPHONE Pickup, stacked P-90 style...$25

    *ORANGE MT20 Micro Terror 20-Watt Guitar Amp Head, EXC..$95

    *FENDER Champion "600", recent,  brown and tan, 5 watts, exc...$225

 *TRex Replicator D'Luxe, NEW TAPE ECHO
       The Replicator DLuxe is a sum up from all the knowledge,
       we have built up over the years, making Tape delays.
       It is a 2 head machine. The drive mechanism has been updated 
       with a noiseless belt drive. A tape lock/release mechanism
       is added, to make the pinch wheel and tape last longer and
       electronics has been tuned to perfection.
     HANDCRAFTED IN DENMARK Multiple Playback-heads for true analog 
      tape echoes.  One Record head and two playback heads. Short Head
      for slap back delay. Long head for longer modern delays, or 
      combine both heads for a semi Delay-Room experience
         *Delay time Short head =108  520mS. 
         *Delay time long head = 215  1000 mS
         *Tap tempo for Long Head and half the time for the short head
         *True Bypass switching with a gold plated relay
         *New motor suspension with belt drive, for reduced noise operation
         *New Tape deck lock-mechanics to protect pinch roller and 
              tape for longer life span
         *All analog signal path from input to output
       -->Power supply with exchangeable blades 90-240 Volt,
            and an extra tape cartridge included.......$579 
     A pair of Electro Voice SRO 12" 8 ohm speakers rated for 150 Watts..$200 each

     JBL D-140 F-6, 16 Ohm 15" speaker, from Danny Gatton's touring 
      Leslie cabinet...$275

     A Pair of Eminence 10" Patriot Copperhead speakers...$75/pair

   BACK IN STOCK!    *Palm Trees, Senoritas... and Rocket Ships" - the illustrated History of National, Dobro, 
           Supro, Valco and OMI Guitars
                   A 423 page tour-de-force that explores the
            fascinating design world of the musical instruments produced by the Dopyera
           Brothers from 1923 to 1993.  Famous for their 'National' guitars, they went
           on to pioneer electric pickups, fiberglass construction, amplifiers etc, and
           influenced the sound of Country Music, Bluegrass, Blues and Hawaiian music
           through most of the 20th Century.
                Entirely and lavishly illustrated with over 1100 musical instruments and
            amplifiers and more than 100 artists who used them - this is THE
            DEFINITIVE COLLECTION of all the various developments, designs, colours
            and engraving patterns of everything produced by the Dopyera Brothers
            in their various companies throughout the 20th century - National, Dobro, 
            Supro, Valco, Mosrite, Regal and OMI.  It has them ALL!  It also features lap steels, amplifiers 
             and various National and Valco manufactured items for other Trade houses. 
             The book is concluded with an updated list of the serial numbers of known
             and re-discovered instruments - now in excess of 4200.  A MUST HAVE for 
            anyone interested in these guitars.  Leaves other books on the subject 
            in the dust....$149

 *Beatles Full Set of Signatures in an Autograph Book. A 5.25" x 4" autograph
                  book with an ornate cover design, inscribed with the original owners
                  name and address on the inside cover. Where it get's interesting is on
                   the very next page, where all four of the Beatles have lent their 
                   First on the left side is Ringo Starr, who signed his name in blue fountain
                    ink with his trademark star.  He's inscribed
                            "To Sue / Best wishes / from the Beatles". 
             On the opposite side Paul and John have signed in blue ballpoint, 
               while George has signed in red ballpoint ink, with "xxx" below. 
         Interestingly, these are the only signatures present in the book, but what a 
         set of autographs to have! Fine condition, with minor wear to the cover and 
         inside cover page due to age and handling. COA from Heritage Auctions plus
           another COA from "Beatles Market Place" in England.........$5500
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  In the 1/24/13  Bergen Record, nice article-  http://snipurl.com/26aujli
                              *STORE PANORAMIC VIEW- OF SORTS

     To see Lark Street Music's Wall click here

                Duke Levine w/ the Roy Sludge Trio in the store the day between 
         the Bowery and the Bell House gigs in NY last week - click here for a clip.  
         Also check out 

                                 ********* PICTURES from the EXHIBIT *************
    These are fairly large prints and are here in the store for purchase, all signed by Jonathan Singer-
       check his site www.botanicamagnifica for his story. 
  Prices were from $500-$1000. On sale, 30-40% off

     SG and Marshall

    Defying logic- 3 Explorers, courtesy J. Menza
   Two '59 Les Pauls, courtesy J. Menza

   Two Airlines

  Three Strats, courtesy Lark Street Music

   Old Golds-ES-295 & '54 Les Paul, courtesy Lark Street Music

  The '60 Cherry Les Paul, courtesy J. Menza

  Moserite Double & Selmer Zodiac,  courtesy Lark Street Music

 Bacon & Days anyday, courtesy Lark Street Music

   Firebirds, courtesy Lark Street Music

  2 Centuries of Progress!
        more to come....

    featuring Buck Malen, Johnny Rabb, Kevin Maul, unknown banjo phenom & Frances


                              Before  After ..... 
                We often get asked  "where do these guitars come from" ??? or "who buys these things" ??
                So here's an interesting picture of the quite rare White ES-345 (that we had for sale for about a year)
                with both it's original ( c. 1964), and current (April'06)  owners.

  Some have complained about bad pictures.  If this is happening to you or your PC, let me know.  We have Macs 
  and the pictures are large and clear, so we'd like to know figure out why this problem is happening
An answer from my brother Rick-
By default, Internet Explorer will shrink pictures to fit onto one screen.
That's probably what people are complaining about. Usually, if they hold the
cursor over the picture for a few seconds, a button will appear and they can
click it to restore the pic to full size. I hate the feature, so I just turn
it off and always see the photos full-size:

From the IE menu bar, click Tools | Internet Options
Click the Advanced tab
Scroll down to the Multimedia section
Remove the check from "Enable Automatic Image Resizing"
Click OK to save settings

       For you who don't know, we do all manner of guitar repair and restoration.  We do most of it here but 
      also give some work to Dom Ramos -repairing and building since working in Dan Armstrong's shop in 
      the '60s.  We've also been a Martin Warrantee Center since 1985 before Martin closed down all 5 NJ Centers 
      because of a tax dispute between NJ and Martin

           DON'T SCROLL DOWN -    Feelings below

  Political sentiments
Turn back before it's too late!

A friend wrote this. I take no credit, but it's  food for thought.
"I'm not asking anyone to take my side, or the side of Israel, but I am asking you to think critically about the news you get from CNN and the BBC and AlJazeera or whatever station you watch
If we were colonizers, we would be actively planning wars, and TAKING land, not giving it away for PEACE. ( SINAI, Lebanon, Gaza strip...all relinquished, after being won, fairly, in a war, which we did not start. And yet still given away, in the promise of PEACE, which we have not gotten in return)
If we were committing genocide, then the population of Gaza and the West Bank would not have GROWN since 1967, but rather gotten smaller..no? Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank 1967: less than 1 million. Arabs in those areas today: 5 million) 
That is not GENOCIDE! You cannot have 500% population growth in a genocide. 
The definition of genocide is: 
" The deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group"
Does it look like we've destroyed anyone or are aiming to? 
Point of fact, we do not engage unless engaged with. And even then, our engagements are military, warnings in advance to clear the area and no civilian engagement whenever possible. 
Which brings me to the next part: 
War Crimes. Do you see in Israel rocket launchers on residential streets, missiles hidden under hospitals and schools (yes, even UNWRA schools got in on the deal)? Do you see 5 year old martyrs with hand grenades, and children trained with automatic weapons, and calls to behead all arabs, wherever we can find them? No, you do not. 
That is what our army faces against daily. And our CIVILIAN population is faced with daily, hourly....the WAR CRIMES of HAMAS and the Palestinian Authority. 
If we wanted to flatten all of Gaza and turn it into a parking lot, we have the weapon power to do it in 3 minutes. Why in the world do you think we haven't? After 10,000's of rockets and missiles have been fired indiscriminately at our cities and schools and homes, after Israelis have been killed and maimed and attacked....the reason is because we value HUMAN LIFE. Because we are trying to save the lives of the people of Gaza and the West Bank. We introduced water and power infrastructure to their villages. Before Israel, they had none. 
Next, the claims that Gaza is an open air prison, or a death camp etc. Ask yourself, how poor Gaza, that the BBC and NYT likes to claim is cut off from the world, and has no access to supplies...can import or import the materials to make thousands of rockets and missiles and rocket launchers --but can't import food, or medicine? Ask yourself where all of the cement and supplies to build schools and hospitals went...when instead there are hundreds of miles of cement and steel reinforced underground terror tunnels built every year. 
Finally, ask yourself how the leaders and government of poor Gaza have enough money to have a Billionaires Gaza Yacht Club with multi-million dollar yachts, and facilities, luxurious 5 star hotels, shopping malls filled with Gucci and Chanel and Polo shirts -- while their people literally starve and beg for help. 
And that is the main point. Israel does not govern GAZA. Israel is not in GAZA. Israel does not control GAZA. Gaza controls GAZA. So whatever the War Crime is for shelling your own population (430 rockets fired from Gaza at Israel have actually fallen within Gaza hurting and killing their own people), for putting rockets and missiles under their homes, for stealing their food and international aid -- you should know who to blame. The same Gazan leadership the Free Palestine movement funds and supports.
And now, think again critically about this situation. Do you honestly think that "Free-ing Palestine", and turning Israel over to these same folks that currently run GAZA or Ramallah so well is the solution to anything? Will provide more food or medicine or opportunity or freedom to ANYONE? Free Palestine hangs gay men from the tops of buildings and drags their bodies through the streets. Free Palestine supports honor killings of young women who have been raped or abused or shamed. Free Palestine calls for the elimination of all Jews. Free Palestine is in reality, nothing more than a thuggish, brutal, facist military regime, dressed up like a woke, liberal western project with nice slogans and catchy protest tunes. 
Like with most things, just follow the money and see what Free Palestine is really all about before lending your voice or your funds or support. 
Again, you don't have to wave an Israeli flag from your flagpole, but if you care about justice, real justice, and peace, freedom and security, think critically about the information you receive and then ask yourself what rings true."
ed by StandWithUs

"C.F. Martin Sr. (1796-1873 worked for guitar-maker Johann Stauffer of Vienna - and, not surprisingly, a Stauffer guitar from circa 1820 looks very much like the early Martins, with its scrolled headstock, six-on-a-side tuner unit, 'moustache' bridge ends, and relatively large upper bout. Martin & Schatz guitars were either made or marketed with Martin's friend from Markneukirchen, Heinrich Schatz, whom Martin followed to the United States in 1833 and who may have had an influence in the development of X-pattern bracing. When Schatz moved to eastern Pennsylvania in 1835, Martin again followed him, buying a home that still stands today in Cherry Hill, just outside of Nazareth." (Walter Carter. The Martin Book, p.19).

    *Markneukirchen  1850s"Stauffer Style" Parlor Guitar
       weighs just 2.50 lbs. and has an 11 3/4" wide 3 1/2" deep body, 
     figured 'Birds-Eye' maple back and sides,  ladder-bracing,
      natural Spruce top, body depth at the neck is 2 3/4" 
      the upper bout measures 9 1/8" and the body length is 17 1/8"
      The sound hole diameter is 3 1/4" and is bound with walnut
      surrounded by two circular 'Herringbone' inlays and an 
      intricate 'notched square' inlay ring (3/16"wide) of mother-of-pearl 
      and abalone inlaid onto ebony, the edge of the top features a
      typical 'Martin-style'  3/16" wide purfling of maple and walnut,
      the back of the body has a 3/32" center stripe. On the strap-button 
      edge of the body the ebony pin is situated on a 1/2 inch wide ebony strip.
      Ebonized maple neck with 'ice-cream cone' heel and a 24 5/8" scale 
       nut width is 1 3/4" and the 'D' neck profile is nice and thin 
       with 0.78" at the first fret, 0.85 inches at the ninth fret,
      Staufer style ebonized single bound maple 'scroll' peghead with 
      original six-on-a side tuner mechanism and circular brass buttons.
        On the back of the peghead is the fine floral-engraved, silver 
       tuner mechanism cover, Ebony fretboard with nineteen thin frets 
       and neck joint at twelfth fret.
       'Moustache' shaped ebony tailpiece with inlaid abalone circles at 
       each end. Six ivory pins (some not original) with inlaid abalone circles. 
        There are four repaired cracks on the top, action at the twelfth 
       fret is a little high at 6/32", comes with modern black hardshell 
        case with burgundy plush lining (9.25)

 This guitar is featured in the Chinery Collection pp. 6-7  "(Attributed to) Stauffer. Produced: Austria, early 1800s. This example: c1820s".
 "Guitar attributed to Stauffer c1820s. Johann George Stauffer (1778-1853) was born in Vienna, Austria. He became one of that country's most notable guitar makers, and in 1824 made a special instrument for the Austrian composer Franz Schubert. Christian Friedrich Martin was a foreman at Staffer's shop during the 1820s, leaving the business in 1825. Eight years later Martin emigrated to the United States, absorbing much of the style and influence of Stauffer's instruments into the first guitars that he built there." (Walter Carter. The Martin Book, p. 10).
 "This European guitar from the early 1800s, attributed to Stauffer of Vienna, has a top border that should look familiar to die-hard Martin fans - it is nearly identical to purfling used as the backstrip on some late-nineteenth-century Martins and on Style 42 and 45 models in the 1920s and 1930s. This pattern is still in use today on many contemporary Martin guitars. The conservative nature of Martin's stylistic evolution has left many continuous threads connecting Martin's features to Old World luthiers (Guitar courtesy of The Chinery Collection.) (Washburn & Johnston. Martin Guitars. An Illustrated Celebration of America's Premier Guitarmaker. p. 18).
(All prices subject to change, up or down!)

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